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QC-chart2Strictly aimed at reaching millennial females, PuckerMob is a growing voice and resource for young women dealing with all the curveballs that life throws at them. Although the site covers a variety of topics regarding lifestyle and relationships, it’s focus can best be described as “empathy” – PuckerMob is the friend who always believes in you, always lets you know that things get better, and reminds you that you’re not alone.

Based on the power of our content and our writers’ abilities to push beyond the surface and get to the heart of what our audience thinks and feels, PuckerMob has become one of the fastest growing viral content sites on the web, reaching key benchmarks faster that larger and more heavily-financed competitors such as BuzzFeed, Elite Daily, Thought Catalog and others.

Key Stats: 

Monthly Visitors: Over 11M

Monthly Pageviews: Over 13M

Female: 85%  |  Male: 15%

Age 18-24: 41%  |  Ages: 25-34: 29%


Love is in the air – and on our site. PassionMob is focused on reaching millennial women with the subject they care about most: relationships. We dive in and provide emotionally relevant, thought-provoking articles about the world of dating, love, relationships and breakups that are personal and meaningful to our growing reader base.

Although only recently launched in February, 2016, PassionMob is quickly building a loyal following of readers anxious to consume and share our content.

Key Stats: 

Monthly Visitors: Over 1M (Projected)

Monthly Pageviews: Over 2.2M (Projected)

Female: 85%  |  Male: 15%

Age 18-24: 41%  |  Ages: 25-34: 29%


All moms want to do all day is read about their kids, talk about their kids and think about their kids, right? Wrong! Moms are people too – just because they have kids doesn’t mean that they don’t care about other aspects of life, like friends, love, having fun and maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

PuckerMom is the resource that provides all of that to one of life’s most important demographics. Our highly relevant and sharable content speaks to hardworking and dedicated moms in a way that other sites don’t, which is why, even though it was only launched in December 2015, PuckerMom.com is fast building a large following.

Key Stats: 

Monthly Visitors: Over 3M (Projected)

Monthly Pageviews: Over 5M (Projected)

Female: 95%  |  Male: 5%

Age 25-34: 38%  |  Ages: 35-44: 32%